FABS 2021: Discussion on the Dig, with Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson and Toby Simpson, February 2021

In case you missed our first FABS talk of 2021, please check out the recorded talk below, hosted on our youtube channel. The video is in two sections: the talk itself, and the questions period.

If you were a fan of ‘The Dig’, interested in the history and reality of the famous Sutton Hoo excavations and ship burial, how the excavations were carried out after this early period at the site, or just a fan of archaeology in general, check out this fabulous talk with our own President, Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson, and her husband Toby Simpson. Toby excavated at Sutton Hoo for many years, and offered us his unique insight into the work that went on there.



NLAS Friday Afternoon Beer Session Talk with Dr. Alison Harris

Join the NLAS for our second Friday Afternoon Beer Session (FABS) of 2021, with Dr. Alison Harris! Her talk is titled “A bioarchaeological study of historical infant feeding practices in Newfoundland settler communities”, and we are looking forward to hearing all about her research.

This ONLINE event will take place over ZOOM on Friday, February 19th at 5:00pm Newfoundland Time.

All are welcome to attend! Please see our Facebook event for more details by clicking this link.