The NLAS membership year runs from January to December, but join anytime to receive the full benefits of membership!

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeological Society, you will receive:

  • Invitations to all of our sponsored lectures
  • Discounts on all fees for workshops geared towards our membership’s needs
  • The opportunity to participate in field trips
  • The ability to add your voice to our advocacy for heritage issues in the province

We thank you for your membership fees and your donation. Your support of the Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeological Society will help sustain us as an independent non-profit charitable organization.

Fees & Payment

NLAS ball cap at Devon Island, Nunavut. Photo: Chris Wolff, 2019.

The NLAS 2022 membership rates are as posted below, subject to change:

  • Individual members: $25
    • Individual Membership with an NLAS ball cap: $35
  • Student/Senior rate: $15
    • Student/Senior Membership with an NLAS ball cap: $20
  • Family rate: $35
  • Institutional rate: $50
  • Lifetime membership: $350

Membership Forms:

  • New Members or Membership Renewals: Download the membership form (PDF) below:
  • Complete the form digitally, insert a digital signature in the signature line, and email it to OR Print out the form, complete the form, and sign it, and email a scanned version to

Online Payment Options:

  • Please send us an Interact e-Transfer (Best option for Canadians, automatically deposited) for the amount of your preferred membership type at
  • In you are local to St. John’s, NL, cash or cheque payments can be arranged. Please email us!
  • If you are outside of Canada & cannot use Interact e-Transfer, please email us so we can set up another option.


 1 Student memberships are open to all full-time students enrolled in high school or a post-secondary institution. Senior memberships are open to those individuals aged 65 or older.

 2 Family memberships are open to two adults and up to four children under the age of 18. Two individuals in that family may vote and hold office. The names of each person comprising the family membership must be submitted to the NLAS for recordkeeping purposes.

 3 Institutional membership is open to institutions and agencies. They include all NLAS privileges but are exempt from voting. Institutional membership shall entitle only one member of the institution to attend NLAS events at any one time.

4 Lifetime memberships are open to an individual member upon payment of the prescribed life membership fee. Life members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership for the balance of their lives.