Meet the Execs

President – Anna Sparrow

Anna Sparrow completed her Masters in Archaeology in 2020. Her research explores relationships between dogs and humans in coastal British Columbia. Outside of archaeology, she also works in food and beverage industry, and spends much of her free time cooking, baking, drawing, and hiking. She is currently taking a year from work to spend with her new son, and is welcoming a daughter soon.

Vice-President – Otis Crandell

Otis Crandell is a PhD student at the Department of Archaeology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has been working in archaeology since the 1990s on projects in Canada and abroad, particularly in southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and Brazil. His research background has focused largely on ancient trade, landscape usage, and mobility through the use of lithic, ceramic, and faunal analyses.

Secretary – Elsa Simms

Elsa Simms is a PhD student in Archaeology at Memorial University. She has worked professionally as a museum manager and educator in both small and provincial museums. Elsa has also worked professionally as an archaeologist in cultural resource management and academic settings. She is excited to bring her experience in non-profits and programming to her position as NLAS Secretary.

Treasurer – Ian Petty

Ian Petty is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Department, studying historical logging in Newfoundland between Geography, Archaeology, and History. He earned his Masters in Archaeology in 2020, and has been working in archaeology and heritage for over a decade across North America. He also works in gravestone conservation.

Past-President – Robyn S. Lacy

Robyn Lacy is a PhD Candidate studying historical archaeology at MUNL. She graduated with her Masters in Archaeology in 2017, and is working on her second book. She focuses on 17th-century burial grounds on the east coast & in Newfoundland, and is a trained gravestone conservator. In her free time, Robyn is an amateur painter & enjoys travelling with her husband.

General Board Member 2023

  • Megan Webb
  • Leah Griffiths
  • Euan Patrick Wallace
  • Rita Onah