Meet the Execs

President – Dr. Shannon Lewis-Simpson

An early medieval researcher, Dr Shannon Lewis-Simpson is the Experiential Learning Coordinator within Student Life and is an Adjunct Professor and part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Memorial University. She serves as Newfoundland and Labrador’s representative on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. She is an officer in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve. She lives in Harbour Main, married with two children, a Scout leader, community volunteer, and gardener.

Vice-President – Robyn S. Lacy

Robyn Lacy is a PhD student studying historical archaeology at MUN. She graduated with her Masters in Archaeology in 2017, and has most recently been working as a cultural heritage specialist and archaeologist in London, Ontario, before returning to Newfoundland for her PhD research. She focuses on 17th-century burial grounds on the east coast & in Newfoundland, and also practices gravestone conservation. In her free time, Robyn is an amateur painter & enjoys travelling with her husband.

Past-President – Meghann Livingston

Meghann Livingston is a graduate student with the Department of Archaeology at MUN. Originally from Nova Scotia, she moved to St. John’s in 2016. Her research focus is the archaeology of the Northwest Atlantic cod fishery from the late 17th century to the late 20th century. For her PhD, Meghann is studying the historic French fisheries along Newfoundland’s southwest coast and Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. A lover of hiking, travelling, and all old things, Meghann runs an online vintage shop in her spare time.

Secretary – Dr. Alison Harris

Dr. Alison Harris is a postdoctoral research fellow and per course instructor in the Department of Archaeology at MUN. She utilises methods from biochemistry to investigate infant feeding practices among settler communities in NL and NS. In her free time, Alison can be found crocheting or writing, or on a sunny day, gasping for breath on the cliffs of the East Coast Trail.

Treasurer – Leena Bethune

Eileen Bethune is a current Master’s student studying historical archaeology with the Department of Archaeology at MUN. Born in Ontario, she moved to Newfoundland in 2018. She has worked in Ontario, Ireland, Scotland and Labrador. Her research focus for her MA was on the 17th-century cobblestone street at Ferryland, NL. An avid photographer in her spare time, she loves travelling and random bits of trivia. 

General Board Member 2021

  • Lori Temple
  • Rita Onah
  • Jess Munkittrick
  • John A Campbell
  • Aubrey O’Toole
  • Elsa Simms