Archaeology at Stock Cove – Past, Present, and Future


The Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeological Society and the Sunnyside Heritage Association are pleased to announce a free public lecture next Wednesday, July 9th at the Lion’s Community Centre in Sunnyside, Newfoundland.

Entitled “Archaeology at Stock Cove – Past Present, and Future”, Donald Holly and Christopher Wolff will be discussing what they have learned in the past five years of research at Stock Cove, and will put that into a larger regional historic context. Thery will also discuss future plans for the site, which contains evidence of almost every culture that has inhabited the island.

We all hope to see you out to discuss Stock Cove and what its future holds!


One thought on “Archaeology at Stock Cove – Past, Present, and Future

  1. Although I will not be there in attendance this public forum sounds like it will be very interesting. I personally think that the research team is taking the right approach in keeping the local communities and general public apprised of all current updates in the research process. This sharing of information speaks volumes about open disclosure and transparency, and tangentially about the character of the research team, which is commendable. Local communities throughout NL as well as all levels of government should encourage more researchers and/or research teams from outside the province, like the one conducting research at Stock Cove, to continue exisiting and/or to undertake future interdisciplinary collaborative research projects in the field (e.g., archaeogentics, aDNA studies,….). Getting outsiders to conduct this type of research minimizes biases and conflicts of interest from researchers attached to certain communities and groups from within the area who stubbornly defend long held and deeply entrenched viewpoints, agendas, and ulterior motives. I encourage more researchers like them to come here to NL, and I encourage academia to adopt a more open recruitment campaign to attract outsiders from abroad. As will become evident in years to come, the implications for the research findings conducted at this site will have far reaching consquences for developing an eco-tourism guiding industry in the local community of Sunnyside, TB, which will augment the already recognized sites of Frenchman’s Island & Bull Arm-Mosquito Cove. Keep up the excellent work.

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