NLAS Symposium & 2015 AGM

On November 5, the Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeological Society held a symposium in honour of the 100th anniversary of James P. Howley’s book, “The Beothucks or Red Indians”.  Our keynote speaker for the evening was Mr. Gerald Penney who presented a lecture entitled James P. Howley, “the birth of Newfoundland archaeology, and the end of history” (PDF). After his presentation the NLAS had a discussion on the book and the role it has played in our understanding of the Beothuk. The NLAS gathered some of the foremost Beothuk research specialists in archaeology, history, and historic site tourism, to discuss the contributions that this volume has made to our understanding of the Beothuk people and culture. This portion of the evening was hosted by Dr. Donald Holly. The whole event was recorded and is now available on our YouTube channel.

Symposium Poster

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