2017 NLAS Fieldtrip

Planned Itinerary

  • Depart from Queen’s College 9 am; Carpooling encouraged. If you do not have a ride, let us know and we’ll try to match you up with one.
  • Meet at Robin’s Donuts in Arnold’s Cove at 10:30
  • 4km hike to Bordeaux to site @ 10:45
  • Arrive at Site 11:45, followed by 30min rest/lunch break
  • Two-hour archaeology program
  • 4km hike back to vehicles / drive back to St. John’s

Participant Opportunities

  • Take part in the relocation of an archaeological site using mapping and GPS unit
  • Observe archaeological testing
  • Learn about correct archaeological field recording procedures
  • Learn by observation, how to undertake radiocarbon sample (if present)
  • Learn about site protection and provincial heritage legislation via discussion during a lunchtime discussion

Recommendations / Requirements

  • You should be prepared to hike a total of two hours over varying terrain (hills, root covered trail, loose beach rocks) which will necessitate appropriate footwear, hiking boots are recommended. A hat, backpack, bug repellent, sunscreen are also a good idea.
  • We will break for 30 minutes or so upon arrival at the site. You are responsible for bringing your own food and water/beverages.

Note: This is a day-long excursion, and there are no toilet facilities along the trail or at the site. Be prepared to find a comfortable spot in the woods if the urge should arise.


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